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FreshFantasy: ”A Night To Remember”’ [Part 8]


Mom : Are you sexually Active?

Aaron: Mom.. What kind of question is that and I rather not answer that question

Aaron walked away and went back upstairs and saw you on the bed combing your hair and he lay down beside you and puts his head in your lap,smile and looked at you.

Aaron : You are beautiful babe and This is our last night together.

You put the comb down and curled up in the sheets with Aaron and started to talk about the past and went down memory lane.

Remember when I first saw you? You were crying on the little bench in Miami when I had a concert [Season 1 Part 1] Aaron said.

Remember when you sneaked me into your hotel room that night [Season 1 Part]

Remember when back at the Hotel in the Elevator…that moment when I knew I just had to see you again.

You: *Smiles* I remember it all even when he went skinny dipping at the beach.

Aaron: Yeah I think we had a Ice-cream fight right before that too.

Mom : Aaron??

Aaron: Ya Mom?!

Mom: Come down here for a second?

Aaron: Mooom *Whiny voice* You come to me please.

Mom: The Label wants you to come to a open party because New artists got signed and they might you to discuss a collaboration.

Aaron: Oh Okay then [Your name] You should get ready and come along….

Mom: Actually She can’t come they just said it should be me and you no guest are allowed just members of them Ncredible Team ,Artist….

Aaron: Wait —Wh—what but its her last night here and I want to spend it with [Your Name]

*Phone rings*

Mom: I’m gonna go answer that real quick and be ready by time I get back upstairs

You: Baby its okay….just go and have fun and be back early so we can spend time together.

Aaron *Shouts* What time are we leaving out? and when will it be over?

Mom: Its starting at 5 pm and finishes at 11 pm

Aaron: Wait *Looks on time now* Its 4:30 pm now…

You: *sad face*

You sit up in the bed and pulled Aaron’s shirt and gave him a puppy dog face and told him not to go and he leans to you and kisses you and told you he doesn’t want to leave either and you decide not to be a spoil sport so you got up and helped Aaron pick out something to wear.Aaron went into the shower and your mom called giving you your flight number and that made you a little sad knowing you are going home to go back home Tomorrow morning and after you leave Aaron will have his world tour to go on and his career to focus on.

Aaron got ready and headed out to meet his mom in the car.He hugged and kissed you.” I’ll be back soon,I love you” and he kissed your forehead and hugged you tight.Within the first two hours of the party all Aaron could of was you.Every second he was looking at the clock in the room and the time on his watch rushing every conversation he engaged in and he wanted to think of something so bad to get out of this place fast and home to you.Aaron faked a tummy ache and his mom told him that he could take the car and drive home safely.She knew he was lying but she said ”young love” what the heck its her last night so just let him be happen and as he walked out the door the label mates were asking why is he leaving and she covered for Aaron as he walked out the door and drove home.

When Aaron reached the front door and creeping up the stairs into the guest room you were already cuddling up in bed not sleeping but your eyes were closed.Aaron comes over you and you kept your eyes tightly shut just to see what he was gonna do or say.

His lips barely brushed the shell of your ear and he whispers ”I love you beautiful” in French.Your body betrayed you and shivered and you say to Aaron ”You just know what to do to me huh” Aaron gave you small kisses on your neck repeatedly and told you he couldn’t wait to get home just to see you and kisses you go down.He could feel your breast on his chest as you pushed into him ,leaning him back on the cool sheets and you sitting on top of him.He gripped your hips tightly.Aaron’s back arched as your delicate fingers traced down onto his fluttering stomach.

Aaron: The whole time I was thinking of you.

You: Yeah??

You leaned down towards him and plastered your tongue all over his face with such a deviant look in your eyes ,teasing him and blowing into his ears.Aaron bites his lips and threw you off him and went on top of you and his tongue delved between your wet lips and you wrap your legs tightly around him and his fingers clawing through your hair. Kissing Aaron is like tasting yourself you thought.He pressed his fingers into your tight……..and fingered you nice and slow while kissing you all over your lips.You take Aaron’s fingers and suck them off and stare right into his eyes while he’s listening to sound of your voice moaning.Aaron then puts his…….into your …… and start thrusting back and forth into your and he’s breathing hard into your ears.Aaron pulled your hair back and held in his hands while F**king you hard and kissed you on your cheek.You had the biggest #Freshgasmn ever!! You lay down on the bed all exhausted and Aaron left you in the guest room and went to his room to get cleaned up and you got up and stood by the window wrapped up in sheets and saw Aaron’s Mom approaching the front door and you hopped in the shower while Aaron was getting out……Aaron dried off and got dressed and went downstairs.

Aaron: You’re home already?

You: Yeah well without you there….I’m not really necessary

Aaron: I’m sorry Mom I just wanted to spend some time with [Your Name]

Mom: Aaron…this isn’t good for you? What do you want? Your Career or some girl?

Aaron: She isn’t just a girl ,I really love her.

Mom: You are young Aaron….When you hit off your career you will find plenty more of her.

Aaron: You’re wrong …I won’t…I won’t anymore or anyone like her…Why are you doing this?

*You creep to the top of the stairs and hear the conversation between Aaron and his mom*

Mom: I’m just glad she is leaving tomorrow so you can focus on good things.

Aaron: She is a good thing!!

Mom: Well better things.

Aaron: Nothing is better than love Mother! Nothing at all.With this fame and industry you will always need someone you can talk to and she is like my best friend.I can talk to her about things I can’t talk to you about!


Aaron: You have a problem with her don’t you.

Mom: I don’t have a problem with its just that she… brainwashing you.

Aaron: This fame is brainwashing you mom….and its more than that …Is it because where she is from?

You walk down the stairs slowing with tears in your eyes.

You: I’m —I—-I am sorry I didn’t know It was bother …just me being here. I’m sorry Aaron. *Storms out of the house*

Aaron: Look what you have done….

Aaron chases after you and hugs you while you cried on his shoulders

You: I just wanted her to like me

Aaron: Well my mom is being a bitch. and it doesn’t matter I love you and will do anything for you.So stop crying and lets just go back to the room and watch some tv and cuddle and maybe make out a little.

You: *Laughs* *Wipes Eyes* Okkkays (Baby voice)

You and Aaron went back inside and he went up the stairs

You: I’ll be up in a second …I’m going to get some water.

*Opens Fridge* *Grabs Water*

*Aaron’s mom walks in*

*Awkward Silence*

Mom: *Opens Mouth*As if she was about to say something to you and then she closes her mouth.You headed back to the stairs and then she stops you and says.

Mom: Listen [Your name] Have a seat in the couch….


Mom: Stop looking so scared….I’m not going to hurt you?

You: Are you going to let me stop seeing your son?

Mom: *Sigh* No…I’m sorry for all the things I said it was just…I don’t know what got over me ..I was just too caught up and didn’t realize what you and my son have for each other and I’m glad you love and care for him …I really do and the fact that you love him for him. It really means alot to me.Sometimes I just get a little over protective of him..

You: A little?

Mom: Okay alot.

Mom: But I just hope you understand I love you ,I just don’t want him distracted.

You: Yeah I understand.

Mom: Now give me a hug Miss Hinton


You: Thanks and goodnight.

The next morning Aaron and his mom carried you to the airport and Aaron walked you inside right up until your gate.

Aaron: I’m going to miss you the moment you look away from me

You: *cries* *Sigh* I love you

Aaron: I love you too.

Aaron kisses and hugs you and watched you walked away with tears in his eyes.

The End

FreshFantasy xoxo. A big thank you to our readers :) You guys have been amazing.

FreshFantasy: ”Return of Mom” [Part 7]

You and Aaron are downstairs in the kitchen having breakfast.Its silent Aaron isn’t saying anything and its just you speaking and he’s not responding to anything you say.

You: Do you think we could watch something later? We can pick a fun movie.

*Aaron opens the fridge*

You: Or I don’t we could just think of something if you don’t want to do that.

You: ……Uhhh.

All of a sudden you saw the door knob turning and few seconds after Aaron’s Mom walked in.You ran from the kitchen and hugged her and Aaron looked at you and shook his head and continued making himself a sandwich.

Mom: Boy can’t I get a hug?

Aaron: Uh-hhh Yeaah mom. *hugs*

Aaron’s mom held down his head and planted a big sloppy kiss on him and laughed

Mom: I’m back now and she looked towards you and apologize for being absent the whole time you were here because you leave tomorrow to go back home.

You : I know I missed you ….you are like my second mom.

Aaron walks out of the house and slammed the front door.

Mom: Whats wrong with Aaron?

You: I’m not sure…I’m sorry can you excuse me for a moment I’m gonna ask him

You ran towards Aaron and grabbed him by his shirt and ask him whats wrong and he said lets ”lets walk to the beach”.You and Aaron sat down on the sand and talked.

You: So…..Whats going on.

Aaron turns his head towards you and stare into your eyes while his hands are playing in sand and he says ” Your leaving ,I don’t know if can even take to reality that when I wake you won’t be here anymore”

You : I know its going to be hard but I will still be with you

Aaron: I also found out I’m going to be touring for 2 years.

You: Wh—aat!

Aaron: Yeah its a huge world tour.

You: Maybe ….may—be we should break up.

*Phone rings*

Aaron:One second.

Aaron gets up and walk away while he was on a call and you sat there staring at him with a million thoughts running through your mind and you saw Aaron hanging up the phone and you got up ran towards him and jump on him with your legs wrapped around his waist kissing him and said ”Lets make the best of our two days together because we really don’t know what is going to happen, and It this will be our greatest memories” The rain started pouring you and Aaron sad down and you sat on top of him kissing him in the pouring rain.

You : Haha I think we should go now…its going harder.

Aaron: Yes I am getting hard…er…..

You: I meant the rain babe.

Aaron : I meant the rain too… ..the rain is falling harder. *Laughs*

You got up and started running and Aaron walking behind you .He watches you run because after all if a guy ever sees how you run and still loves you he is a keeper.Because you run very funny and retarded but Aaron thinks its cute.

You and Aaron are back at the house soaking wet and Aaron’s mom is upstairs in her room.You went into the bathroom and started squeezing the water from your hair into the sink looking in the mirror and your eyeliner is running down your face and Aaron walks up behind you and tells you,you look beautiful and kisses your neck while holding you. You look at him in the reflection of the mirror and tilted your head a little to the right and smiled at him and asked him ”What Do you want” he replied ”you” and you chuckled and Aaron says ”Can I have you” He is breathing in your ears and every breath and small moan turns you on.Aaron turns on the shower and came back behind you and turns you around and held your face and lifted your blouse off you while kissing you his hands are pulling your bra strap one at at a time while your eyes are closed and lost in that world that he takes you to.The bathroom started steaming up from the shower hot water running the mirrors are all foggy and you pushed Aaron off you and bit your lips and flip your hair back a little and went into the shower and told him to come shower with you and Aaron said ”Thats the whole idea isn’t it” Aaron stepped in the shower made a big fall on purpose just to push you against the wall and be on top of you and you can feel his hard wet…….Aaron starts making you moan and he’s whispering things in you ear and for some reason its making you moan louder and louder and then you shouted out F**K ME!! Aaron surprised and quickly reacted and put his hand over your mouth and told you to be speak softly and you said sorry and carried on until Mama Fresh came into the room and knocked on the bathroom door and asked to come in and you look at Aaron like ”Oh shit” and he came out of the shower and hid behind the door and you opened to door to where only your head can fit between the space.

You : Hey Mom whats up? I’m kinda showering.

Mom: Have you seen Aaron

*Aaron tickling you*

You : No I hav—havenn——HAVEN’T

*Hits Aaron*

You: I think he is outside on the porch.

Mom: Okkay I’ll go down and check…………….by the way it isn’t appropriate to curse!!

You: I’m shower I….almost fell in the shower……

Mom: Mmmhhm.

*Close door*

You: Are you crazy…..your mom could of almost found out you were behind the door

Aaron: Well she didn’t *Leans in to kiss you*

You went back in the shower to finish bathing and Aaron dried off and went downstairs to see what his mom wanted……

*You singing Anoother girls in danger of falling in loooovee* *Hums the rhythm*

Aaron: Hey mom were you looking for me?

Mom: Yes where were you?

Aaron: I was upstairs….

Mom: I’m just coming from upstairs

Mom: Are you sexually active?

FreshFantasy: ” Hello Goodbye” [Part 6]

Daniel: Don’t EEEVVVER call me Jason. Daniel as known as Jason pushes Aaron off him in fiery temper and you are lost because you don’t know whats going on!

You : Jason? Aaron what is going on?

Jason: Aaron why don’t you tell her better yet I will.

Aaron: A few years ago before I was famous Jason and I used to be best friends and we were both trouble makers but one day Jason took it too far.He was playing with fire and burnt down an 100 year old church and he came to me telling me that people was looking for him and If I could hide him at my house and asked him what did he do and he didn’t want to tell me but after a few minutes I got it out of him and then I told him to turn himself in because it would be better than way but he didn’t and he took off back then we had a secret hide out and I knew thats where he was going so I I…I turned him in to the police and he got sent off to military school.

Jason: I can’t BELIEVVVE you!! You!!! He turned in his BEST FRIEND!! and while I was off in military school such horror you were here getting famous! because of you I GOT RAPED ….by men……BIG MEN…..I suffer and you didn’t even apologized or visited me you just left me… could a friend do that.

Aaron: Your right I was a bad friend and I AM SORRY that I didn’t look for you or apologized but that was a long time ago and we can still be friends.

Jason: I don’t want to be friends with you….I just wanted to ruin YOUR LIFE and I still do!! Now give me back my FUCKING computer!!

Aaron holds up the computer and slam it to the ground!!!

Aaron: No computer now what now??

Jason takes out a knife and grabs you and puts the knife at your neck and tells Aaron that he will slit your throat and Aaron says.

Aaron: Jason you were my best friend and quite frankly you were my only best friend and I know you enough to say that you won’t do it and you can’t do it…its not you.

Jason: Really you want to bet?

Aaron walks over to Jason about 4 feet apart and says

No I don’t want to bet because I don’t have to……give me the knife Jason

Jason: Because of you…you took half of my life from me?

Aaron: Jason it was only 4 years!! and your are 17…thats pretty much plenty of life left to live.

Jason: Your childhood is suppose to be best part of your life.

You: Jason your right…your childhood is something very precious and its suppose to be the best times of your life but it doesn’t have to be because its not your entire life and that part of your life is to prepare you for the rest of your life. I think Aaron is truly sorry and I ….I am sorry and you will be ok.

Jason pushes you off and kneels to ground and starts to cry.You and Aaron called some people and they came for him and put him in the car and Jason starts hitting the car window.


While you and Aaron stood there watching him leave.

Aaron: He isn’t the same….He is mentally ill.

You:Yeah I noticed.

Aaron kisses and hugs you and sighs.

You : I never want to argue with you like that

Aaron: Yeah our pretend fight felt real

You: I’m glad it wasn’t….I love you.

Aaron looks down at you and kisses you and you both went inside.

Aaron: Hmm the house to our selves…..we should celebrate

You: Meet me upstairs


Aaron: Too far

Aaron grabs you by your waist,lifts you up and put you on the sofa and told you stay there.He went into the fridge and took out some strawberries and non alcoholic champagne.You took a sip of some and then Aaron leaned over to kiss you a bubbly, fizzy kiss that made you smile and steal a few more.Aaron reached out and grabbed both of your wrist with one hand and took up a strawberry with the other and he held a strawberry out of your reach teasingly

You: Leave it to you to turn this into a game

You waited patiently as Aaron brought the strawberry closer and closer to your lips and your ready to bite it and he pulled it away.You shot Aaron a dirty look as you laughed and again he brings it to your closer to your lips once again but you refused to play along, keeping your lips firmly clamped shut. We stared each other down through narrowed eyes, each trying to outsmart the other, until Aaron finally pushed the strawberry against your closed mouth, squishing strawberry juice and chocolate all over your lips, running down your chin. Your mouth dropped open ”I can’t believe you just did that! But Aaron quickly leaned in and began to lick it off, and that was a lot of fun, so you quickly forgive him.

At that point Aaron is completely focused on your breasts, which I fully expected once the bra came off. His hands cupped them as he kissed you, then he bent to play with your nipples, licking and biting them gently while you lightly traced patterns with your fingernails along his ear and down the side of his neck. Aaron noticed the chill bumps on your arms and laughed. “Now you’re cold? Make up your mind!”

“That’s what you do to me. You’ve got my body all flustered,” you laughed along with Aaron, then placed your hands behind his shoulders and

leaned Aaron’s back onto the floor. You crouched over him, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans,

He lifted his hips off the floor so you could slide his jeans off, then you took your own pants off, watching me the entire time. Hovering next to

me on your knees, you grabbed my panties and slid them off as well.

“Is this ok?” Aaron whispered anxiously.

You nodded, and then Aaron said ”Talk to me baby”

sweetness and light” you said, bringing a smile as you used that term of endearment that you know he loves.

“Do you want to do this?” you said

“More than anything,” he murmured. That was all you needed to hear, and your lips were on his again, your

body pressing Aaron into the floor. You could feel his erection beneath his boxers, pressing against you and

You reached down to tug them off, needing to remove that barrier of fabric between us. I spread my legs, trapping you between them as my arms reached

around you, trying to pull you even closer. I just couldn’t get enough.

“Do you have any idea how bad I want you?” He asked, between kisses.

“Yes, because I want you just as bad,” you answered, breathlessly. “Now…please…I’m so ready for you…I need to feel you inside me…”

You crushed his lips with another kiss, hungrier than the others, as you reached down and pressed the tip of his c*ck against your wetness. You

gasped into your mouth as he pushed it inside of you…the feeling is indescribable.

You paused for a moment, then slowly pulled back, almost all the way out before thrusting back into you so hard

Making love with you felt amazing to me. You settled into a rhythm, and every stroke brought you closer to what he knew might

be the biggest orgasm of your life. You felt like the last few days had been foreplay, that we had been slowly working up to this moment. You wrapped your

legs around his waist, and he began thrusting faster, taking you immediately to the brink. “Oh, God…I’m coming…come with me…” Aaron kissed you again,

and then you cried out as he pounded you hard, “I’m coming, baby…..” The sounds you and Aaron made together at that moment…the entire neighbourhood

probably heard you both but you couldn’t hold back, didn’t want to. The unbelievable feelings you both experienced together, both physical and emotional…

unimaginable heat, passion, tenderness, ecstasy…the words are just not enough.

It was inevitable. Its like you both were made for each other, soulmates, destined to find each other in the unlikeliest of places.

As you held him in your arms, He leaned over and kissed your cheek, then whispered in your ear.”I love you” and You don’t need to say it back, then smile

and that just lit up your face.

FreshFantasy xoxo

FreshFantasy: ”Truth revealed” [Part 5]

You are pacing up and down the hallway pausing every time you stop at Aaron’s room door, touching his door knob was a burning hole in your hand.You want to tell Aaron the truth about Daniel and that truth includes you kissed him.You just couldn’t make yourself go in at the same time the thought of Aaron being angry you brings you back to another lap down the hall and again you stop at the door. You took a deep breath as you are turn the knob slowing your heart begins pounding wildly against your ribcage. You went into the room and saw Aaron writing a song and you said ”Hey baby..I have to..” He interrupts you and smiles at you and asks you sit beside him and Aaron starts playing a song for you on the piano and it almost makes you tear up and Aaron wipes a tear from your eyes and kisses you on your lips just one light soft gently peck. You get up from off the bed and walks to the window and looks outside.

You: Daniel and I kissed.

Aaron:…. What?……

You: Its not like what you think though. *Walks over to Aaron and holds his hand*He came onto me yesterday and I pushed him off.I was so shocked and I told him that he needs to leave right after.

Aaron: Yesterday? *Pushes your hands off and walked away* If this is how you claimed for it to happen..why didn’t you tell me……yesterday?

You: Because….

Aaron: and I suppose you wouldn’t mind if I go confront him.

You: I wouldn’t mind but you have to wait awhile something weird is going on with him.

Aaron: Really and what do you mean?

You: He’s hiding something and I’m not sure but you were right he needs to leave and he is a complete stranger and we don’t know what he is about…..

Aaron: I’m not sure I —I’m not sure….I belie—ve you.

You: What? I’m your girlfriend and you should trust me!

Aaron: I don’t know what really happened so its hard to trust you right now…and I— think we should take a break….

You: *Cries* You want to break up with me?

Aaron: ……..Can you leave….I can’t stand to see you right now.

You walked out of the room and went to the guest room where you were suppose to be staying in the first place and just sat down on the bed.Meanwhile Daniel is on his computer watching and hearing every single word you both are saying and saw that you both broke up and he smiled with such pleasure and excitement.He feels as if he has won but not quite.Daniel went upstairs to see if he could get closer to you for you reveal some information about Aaron and to pretend to comfort you.Daniel walks into the room and sat beside you asking if your okay because he heard crying while he was going to the bathroom and in your mind you said to yourself that you weren’t even crying loud and then you said to Daniel yeah me and Aaron just broke up and Daniel hugs you and he started expressing hatred for Aaron.

Daniel: That bastard…He has always been a jerk and you are better off without him I promise you.

You: What do you mean ”Always been a jerk”?

Daniel: Ahh-hh Nothing .

You: No he is a jerk! and a ass-hole

Daniel: You…you agree with me?

You: Yes completely!!

Meanwhile Aaron goes downstairs and takes up Daniel’s laptop and goes through it and he found the file of his room and then he saw the recorded video of him and you having sex.Aaron is stunned by his discovery and cannot believe this and he is forced to ask himself why ”Whhy?” Aaron whispers what does this guy have over me and why is he so determined and Aaron continue searching and found a file on Daniel’s computer that says ”Diary” Aaron starts to read and while he is reading Daniel’s day by day life things starts to make sense and now Aaron knows. He knows why Daniel is doing this and most important he knows who Daniel is……Aaron copy’s the file to his flash drive and quickly exit but as he was shutting down he disable the camera settings and went back upstairs and turned off the camera itself upstairs.

Narrator: How did Aaron know to take up the laptop?

Aaron saw when Daniel pushed himself onto you and while Daniel was sleeping that night he told you he saw what happened and you told him how Daniel acts when your near his computer and that you feel he was hiding something at that moment you both heard a loud beep and found the camera Daniel placed on the dresser.It was beeping because it was out of battery and you and Aaron saw it. Aaron then told you we have to pretend that we are broken up and you both planned out what to say in the room knowing that Daniel would be watching and then would try to talk you which would give Aaron the perfect time to search his computer.

At that point Daniels gets up in a shocked manner saying he needs to get back downstairs and he rushed downstairs and you ran behind him.Daniel is searching for his computer and Aaron appears and say ”Are you looking for this”

Daniel: You fuck give me back computer? and Daniel looks back at you realizing you set him up and say ”Yoouuuu BIIITCCCH”

Aaron puts the computer down and puts Daniel in a choke hold position and puts his back against the wall.

Aaron: Now thats not nice.

Daniel:Let me go loser!!

Aaron: *Laughs* loser? You gotta do better than that. You come into my mothers house wiring my house with your little spy cameras and forcing your self onto my beautiful girlfriend and you call me a loser? Nah try something else.

Daniel: I tried to be nice to you but you asked for it.

Aaron: I didn’t ask for anything……. I knew you looked familiar at the airport I could of sworn I’ve seen you before but I couldn’t tell since you lost weight ,dyed your hair and fixed your teeth? by the way how long did it take to do all that…………JASON!


FreshFantasy xoxo Stay.Tuned

FreshFantasy ”Please don’t kiss and tell” [Part4]

After tonight you and Aaron were both tired all that energy.Aaron falls asleep and you slide out of bed and put on his T-Shirt and tipped toed out of the room and went down stairs for something to eat and you saw Daniel still up with his computer .He quickly closed his laptop and you noticed suspected that he was hiding something.

You : Hey what are you still doing up?

Daniel : Just…..Just uhh…..Just nothing

You: Oh come on? I know your doing something.

You try to take his laptop from him as a joke and Daniel lashed out in a vulgarly manner towards you! which you did not expect.

Daniel : BACK OFF!! *Ahem* ..I’m sorry I mean its really NOTHING.

You : Uhm *Stutters* Ye—Yea—Yeah.

You stared at him for a few seconds shocked and very surprised that he’d behaved like that and turn around and you head for the stairs

Daniel : Your leaving?

You : Yeah I’m kinda tired I just came downstairs because I heard some noise.

As your going up the stairs your mumbling and replaying what just happened in your head and while your walking upstairs You turn your head and looked at Daniel with your corner eye and think in your head what just happened It was like he was a different person. You crawled into bed and Aaron opened his eyes for a quick second.

Aaron : Are you ok?

You : I’m fine…go back to sleep I’m heading to bed in a few.

Aaron : Mmkay


”I made love to you last night till this very morning before the sun rose.

” The morning stillness somehow woke me or maybe it was your thoughts of you whispering in the night - calling my name. I’m not sure” Aaron says.
A soft moan escaped your lips and he kisses you on your cheek and you opened your eyes and stared in his eyes as he was over you and he told you to go back to sleep and you closed your eyes and Aaron got out of bed. Aaron then asked Daniel for a hand to help shovel out some of the snow in the Driveway with all the noise and clattering you woke up a few minutes after .You walk over to the window and pulled the curtain aside and saw them outside and you thought this was the perfect time to see what Daniel was hiding on his computer.You hurried downstairs and turned it on and the screen loaded onto the log on screen and requests a password ”Password” you whispered. You typed in a bunch of common known passwords hoping you’d get in but it didn’t work and then you decided to try one more time and you got in ”Yes” you said. Meanwhile outside was very warm and the snow was clearing up.Daniel tells Aaron that he is going inside for something to drink while Daniel is walking towards the house you are still on the computer and your searching and just as you were about to click on a file that says ”Live Cam” you heard a creek from the front door and it was Daniel wiping the snow off his boots before he stepped inside and you quickly pressed the power button to turn off the laptop and put it down. Daniel turns the corner and sees you!!

Daniel : What are you doing?

You : I’m straightening up the living room…..I don’t want Aaron’s mom to come home and see the place a mess

Daniel : Oh I’ll just take my things…out of your way

You : Yeah you should do that…

Daniel: *Grabs up laptop and looks at you very suspiciously*

You said nothing continued to follow your lead and fixed up the couch and the table and suddenly Daniel creeps up behind you and braces you onto the wall and starts breathing heavily in your face. You can feel and smell his breath which was not quite pleasant.Daniel dives in and hold your face and kisses you,you kissed him back for 2 seconds and started struggling to push him off

You : Stop!! What the hell are you doing?

Daniel bites his lips and looked at you and said sorry

You : I think you need to leave

You ran up the stairs and went into the Aaron’s room and few moments later Aaron walks into room and asked whats wrong and then Daniel came to the door and said ”Is something wrong” and you looked at Daniel with a glare and responded and said ”No” Daniel walks away but stays close by to hear what you were about to say and you figured he would of so you said something else to throw him off from what you really wanted to say.

You: Aaron do you want to go in the hot tub tonight?

Aaron: Of course that would be amazing and Aaron kisses you on the lips and hugs you tightly and stares into your eyes as they sparkle.

[In the Hot Tub Scene]

You are in the hot tub and Aaron is across from you and your both just talking having a little conversation.

Aaron : I can’t help it it just makes me feel good inside watching you speak, hearing your voice, especially your cute laugh

You: You think my laugh is cute

Aaron: No, actually it’s adorable, but you DO have a cute ass and a beautiful smile

You: Now you’re making fun of me, my ass is not that great, and you know it.

Aaron: Actually, truth be told, you have spectacular ass, my love.

You : You’re just fishing for the right compliments to ease your way into my panties, aren’t you?

Aaron: Well, that would be a realistic assessment of my verbosity utilizing the superlatives with each description of your essence.

You: Rattling on like a dictionary won’t impress me, if that’s what you’re trying to do. Tell me what you like, what you love about me. After all, it’s all about me, isn’t it?”

Aaron: Yes it is, and I will tell you how I feel, what I want to do for you, to you, and how I would make love to you, to fuck you and to make you come over and over.”

You: I’m listening

As your playing in the water and Aaron comes over to you and his eyes say ” I want you ” while he bites his lips and embraced you and wrapped his arms around you and started sucking out your tongue and said ”to feel you against me, is so comforting and exciting.Your hair tickles his cheek and the slight fragrance heightens his senses. He starts kissing your ear, tracing the outside rim with the tip of his tongue and then started to tickle the inside with the tip of his tongue.Aaron is just close enough for you to breathe quietly in his ear.He kisses your neck, just behind and below your ear, and trail kisses down into the hollow of your neck. Burying his face into your neck.Aaron feels your pulse quickening ever so slightly with his kisses. But the true prize rests nearby. Your lips.

**Quickly he stands up and held your hand and lead you out of the hot tub**
and press you against the wall outside , pressing his body firmly against yours.You saw Daniel peeping through the window so you acted like you didn’t see him
and started kissing Aaron insanely with passion slobbering all over his lips .You capture Aaron’s lips , catching your breath. Then Aaron says ”I have to kiss your wet, ready lips over and over, I like our lips twisting against each other I have an unlimited supply of kisses, just for you.”

While your lips enjoy a challenge for control of his mouth Hands are roaming, searching?. Your left hand slides to the back of Aaron’s head, your
fingers inching into his hair.His right arm has circled around you behind your waist, while my left hand slides down to press between your legs against your dress. Your right hand finds the growing bulge in my pants, and you rub it firmly through the fabric. You lay your head against Aaron’s chest and then glance upstairs and saw Daniel looking down at you and you screamed. You startled Aaron and he ask whats wrong baby and you explained to him you thought you saw something and he hugs you tightly and said its ok and you told him you just wanna go inside.

Your mind starting ponder over the thought of you kissing someone else and you truly don’t want to keep things from Aaron but at the same time Daniel seems dangerous and full of threats and you want to find out what he is about and you HAVE to find out.

*Walks Into living room*

You : I have something to say to you…..

Daniel:…..I’m listening.

You: Please……Don’t…..Tell.

*Leaves room*

FreshFantasy.Stay Tuned xoxo.

FreshFantasy: ”Daniel” [Part 3]

Daniel stands in the living room with his hands in his pockets, looking around the house. Here is this tall attractive charming guy slender built with brown short hair, hazel brown eyes and a mysterious but intriguing personality.Aaron goes downstairs to see what Daniel wants and you follow by him.

Aaron: So how can we help you buddy?

Daniel: Well my car broke down and I just want to use the phone?

Aaron:Go ahead.

*Daniel dials his own number pretending to have a car service on the phone*

Aaron looks at you and whispers ”I don’t like this guy,I get a bad vibe from him” and you say ”Its nothing we are just helping him out now sshh” before he hears us.

Daniel: Well they said they won’t get anyone out here at his time but as soon as someone is available they’ll let me know.

*Daniel walks to the door to let himself out*

You: Wait what are you doing?

Daniel:I’m going back to my car to wait it out.

You: You cant go back out there its dangerous.

Aaron: Yes he can because it is NOT dangerous.

*Aaron Waves hand pointing to the door* There it is ..I’ll even open it for ya!

You: *Hits Aaron* Stop that

Aaron: Ouch

Daniel: As I can see I’m not wanted here…

You: No don’t be silly….you can stay on the couch for the night

Aaron drags you into the kitchen rapidly as you say ”I’ll be right back” …”What are you doing” says Aaron

Aaron: Do you forget that I don’t like him and I don’t want him here.

You brace yourself onto Aaron in the kitchen and starts nibbling on his ear lobe and change your voice to a seductive tone

You: Baby,please just be nice….I pwomise I’ll give you something really really
Aaron: Yeaaah *Bites lips*
You move your hand and grabbed Aaron’s belt buckle and slide your hands briefly into his pants
You : Special…
*Aaron shrieks*
Aaron: Ok ok. He can stay…but I’m keeping my eye on him….you are just so darn nice
Aaron: I love you
You: I love you too.

*Daniel walks in* and you and Aaron pull away from each other slowly
Daniel: Is there a bathroom where I can wash up?
Aaron: Yeah upstairs first door on the left
Daniel : Ok thanks.

Daniel goes up the stairs and passes the first door on the left and kept walking straight down the wall opening every door as he passes them as if he was looking for something and then went into Aaron’s room and placed tiny camera’s in his room and quickly snuck back out and has he heard giggling in a near distant he rushed out of the room ,ran into the bathroom ,flushed the toilet and damped his hands.

*walks out of the bathroom*

Aaron: Uhh Bro you can sleep downstairs in the couch
Daniel : Aw thanks man
You : Hey Daniel ,did you know Aaron is a singer?
Daniel: What? No kid
Daniel : Sing a bar
Aaron starts singing a few lines from ”Summer Time” and you left them in the hall talking about music.

Aaron and Daniel started getting to know each other for a few hours

Aaron : You look strangely familar

Daniel: Haha alot of people have my face

Aaron : Ha Thats funny man.

Meanwhile You head into the room and started cleaning up and Mama Fresh called to check in and see how you both were and said that it doesn’t look like she’ll make it back today so hang tight and be good then Aaron walks into the room and pulls your hair from behind and hugs you up and kisses your neck.

You: Is it me time now…you’ve been neglecting me

Aaron: No way babe I’m just doing what you asked and being friendly and he pecks you on the lips and told he loves you

Aaron: Do you want to shower together?

You: Yes maybe but after we spend a little time together in bed

*Close room Door*

Aaron starts giving you a thirsty look and grabs you by your waist and your hips start moving in sync with his as he is sucking your neck and brushing your hair back so he can leave a hickey on your neck and you slightly moan. Aaron is being turned on by the sound of voice. He turns you around ,lifts you up and brace you against the wall

and starts kissing you insanely and passionately and you like that he has total control over you right now .He takes his shirt off and presses his chest against yours as you wrap your legs tightly around his waist and as he starts sucking your breast You push Aaron onto the bed and you can feel the ecstasy coming on.Aaron comes on top of you and went under the sheets…….

Meanwhile Daniel creeps up the stairs and place his ears at the door


Daniel : *Listens* I hope the camera is getting this *Snickering* Trying to hold his laugh

*Screaming and Moaning*

He heads back downstairs and turns on his laptop and says

Daniel: What do we have here? and he smiles while watching you and Aaron on camera.

*Meanwhile upstairs*

*Pictures will detail what is happening*

You and Aaron went into the bathroom and he puts you on the bathroom counter and starts kissing you all sloppy

You push Aaron off you and walks into the shower and start calling him you point your finger towards him bending it back at you

You: Get in

Daniel : No no no come back!! Fuuuck!! I should of put one in bathroom…this was just getting good….

*Starts Laughing*

Daniel : I am going to screw him so bad he wishes that he never stole anything from me.

Narrator: What? Daniel has a camera recording? Who is he and what is he trying to do? and what did Aaron steal from him?

FreshFantasy xoxo.Stay Tuned.

FreshFantasy: ”Who’s Daniel? ” [Part 2]

Its the same night and Aaron’s mom called and said she won’t be making it back for the night because she got stranded at the office party due to heavy
snow on the road which makes it impossible to drive home, luckily the event was at a hotel so she had somewhere to sleep for the time being.
Aaron’s Mom: I’ll be back as soon as I can… Be good guys.
Aaron: Okay mom. See you then be safe.
*Hangs up phone*
Aaron: My mom called and said she won’t be able to make it back home because of the snow.
You: Oh well thats good and bad…good because we can fix up this kitchen and bad because well…at least she’s at a hotel.
Aaron: Right and all we need to do is paint over….throw that out…and replace some things…few pictures frames over the burnt marks
You: But we can’t go out to get paint…its snowing.
Aaron: wait a second We have some paint in the garage….so lets see if we can get to work.

*6 hours later*

You: Carry me please…..I’m so tired
Aaron:The place looks pretty good but its 1 am we should get some sleep Lets go to bed.

Aaron carries you to your room and put you down on the bed and kisses you goodnight and he headed to his room and passed out for the night.

Its morning and Aaron wakes up and looks around the room, it is still dark out, but it is always dark in the morning at this time of the year. He Glances over his dresser, the clock reads 9:30 am.He gets up and comes into your room and lay beside you and says ”there she is asleep, peacefully.” He looks at your face laying on the pillow, and sees your breast slowly rising and falling as you breath. He doesn’t want you to wake so he slowly stroke his fingers gently through your hair and kisses you.

Since your tired he wanted you to sleep as late as possible.Aaron decides to make you breakfast.He quietly slides out of bed and goes down to kitchen and puts together some bacon and eggs and glass of orange juice,he puts the food on a tray and carries it up to the room for you while your still asleep he sets the tray down on the dresser and walk over to the bed and sit down next to you, He leans over and brush away the hair on your face and kissed you, he whispers in you ear, ”good morning beautiful.” You moan and roll over away from him. Aaron reaches out and touch your shoulder, and gently shrug you and tell you its time to wake up sleepy head in a calm voice Aaron props up your pillow and brings the breakfast to you. You act surprised that he made breakfast He knows you appreciates the love and attention. Aaron lays at the foot of the bed and watches you while your eating with your hair out of place.

After your done eating Aaron takes up the tray and returns to the bed and pulls up the blanket and crawl in beside you. You smile at him as he moves closer, ”thank you for breakfast babe” you say.As you reach out towards him you put your arms around Aaron and kiss him. He leans in closer as he feels your body next to his. He reaches down and slides his hands under the sheets.You look up and him, and smile and teasingly say ”What do we have here” He looks at you and start to unbutton your night shirt. You get up and reach for your turquoise, silk robe ,sleeveless and short. You slid it over your shoulders and pulled it down to cover your body, then you stepped in front of the mirror while smiling at Aaron and glanced at your reflection. Sweetly feminine? Yes. The thin material clung to your body, gracefully accenting your curves. Aaron gets up and comes behind you slid his fingers down the open V-neckline, with his hands fastened around your waist,sucking your neck and caressing the rosy tips of your breasts dimpling the fabric. Ah, seductive!Aaron says. You take up a little perfume and spray it on your body, inhaling deeply to absorb the exotic fragrance. Aaron then pulls you back into bed.

Aaron : I love you and I’m glad your here

You : I love you too.


You: We can cuddle in bed all day right since its cold out

Aaron : Of course we can *Kiss and bite your lips*

*Phone rings* [Interrupted the moment]


Aaron : Hello

Aaron’s Mom: The roads are still block ,How are you ,did you have breakfast?

Aaron: Yeah I had some cereal and stuff.

Mom: *Static* Hello…

Aaron : Mom…I can’t hear you…hello

*Hangs Up*

”So where were we ”Aaron says

You: I think you were kissing my neck *Smiles*

Hold that thought I’ll be right back

You go to the bathroom and on your way you heard someone knocking on the door and you open the door and realize it was the cute guy you met at the airport

Daniel : Ugh Hello miss My car broke down

You: Uhh Haven’t I seen you before?

Daniel: Yeah your right from the airport *Shivers* Small world ain’t it

You: Oh I’m sorry come in

*Walks in*

You: Thanks…Uhm wait here.

*Runs upstairs*

Aaron: What took you so long?

You: Aaron um remember that guy at the airport?

Aaron: The one that was talking to you

You: Yeaah…

Aaron: Can’t forget…I think he likes you.

You: Well He’s downstairs right now.and his car broke down …he might have to stay awhile.

FreshFantasy xoxo

FreshFantasy: ”First Day.Last Night” [Part 1] Season 2.

Narrator:Hey! It has been awhile I know! But lets get to it shall we hopefully You have been reading from Part 1 ”Fresh Encounter” if not thats okay here is a short recap.

[Recap]:You met Aaron at his concert during summer and had a Summer Time romance and shared a lot of things including each other and your parents weren’t too fond of it and eventually they tried to keep you away from each other and that wouldn’t have been a bad thing except you both fell insanely in love with each other, you decide to ran away to Aaron while he was in a state performing to see him while your parents filed a missing child report on you and you spent two night with Aaron just to say goodbye and then went back home and that was the last time you saw Aaron.Nothing is wrong with goodbyes except when their forever.

[Update]:Its been 3 months from summer since you’ve seen Aaron and when you went back to school you thought you were pregnant but it was a false alarm but you didn’t tell him about that little suspicion other from that you both keep in touch because of the long distance relationship by phone ,video calls and Instant messaging and he his finally getting a break from tour for the Christmas holiday and you are off school as well so hopefully you both get to reunite in his hometown California……but lets see knowing that Aaron knows your on your way to see seeing that your parents finally accepted the relationships and for you to spend the holiday with him under conditions.

Parents : You really don’t want to spend the holiday with me,your father ,grandparents decorating the tree and rubbing your grandpa’s feet.

You: Uh-uhm I’ll pass and thanks for trying to make it sound convincing.

Mom: But your father and I think its good because we get to renew our relationship and…—

You: Stop right there….I get it and thank you so much.

*Rushes upstairs to pack*

You: In twelve hours I’ll be staring right into Aaron’s eyes -*deep sighs*

*Sets Alarm* *Goes to sleep*

*Knocks on Door*

Dad: Honey its time to get up….

*Car honks*

You: Daad!! I’m already in the car.

Dad: What the….

*8 hours later*

*Sings* ”Hopped off the plane to LAX to see my lover once again….” Haha that was just awful….good think no one heard.

Girl: *Gives awkward look*

Guy: Hello,Just visiting?…

You: Uh— Yeah

*Shakes hand* Nice to meet you I’m [Your name]

Guy: I’m Daniel and nice to meet you too……I sat behind you on the plane and by the way you are very pretty, I hope to see you around again

*He sneaks and drops piece of paper in bag*

You: Oh aw *Blushes* thannkk yo—-.

Aaron : Oh hey beautiful, I missed you.
You: I missed you too….its been forever.

You: Bye Daniel it was nice meeting …
Aaron hugs and kisses you for repeatedly in front of Daniel and looks at him.

Daniel: Bye.

*Walks Off*

Aaron: Who’s Daniel?

You : Oh no one…

Aaron: *Smiles*I’ve been waiting.
You : Me too. *Smile*

Mom : Okay okay lets go both of you can finish waiting at home.

All: *Laughs*

You : Right you heard your mom Aaron.
Meanwhile you and Aaron are both in the back seat making eye contact and he licks his lips every time he looks at you and smiles at you, You’re holding each others hands and then his mom starts staring at you both in the Mirror but you notice so you try not to stare at Aaron and to avoid the awkward moment of his mom looking at you while you gaze at Aaron.

Mom : I’m gonna make a pit stop at the store to pick up an outfit at the Dry cleaners I have a office party tonight.

Mom : Are you guys coming in the store with me.

You : Well my feet are kinda tired from walking so much at the airport
Aaron :Yeah she’s right

Mom : Aaron you weren’t even walking

Aaron: I mean I know I was…..I’m just gonna stay since she’s staying and I don’t want to leave her in the car alone..its pretty dangerous these days.

Mom:I’ll be quick.

You : Dangerous huh? Are you going to protect me?

Aaron: I’ll always protect you.

*As soon as his mom left and turned her back you both looked at her and then looked at each other and headed for each other lips and started making out in the car wildly and Aaron is kissing your neck and whispering how much he misses you.

Aaron : I really missed you
* Kisses*
You : I…Missed …you…too

*Stops Kissing*
You : *Wipes off mouth*
Your moms coming..act natural

*Opens car door*
Aaron : Yeah yeah so I mean I just fell down the stairs like that

Mom : When did you fall down the stairs Aaron
You :*Laughs*
Aaron: A while back now mom I don’t really remember when….
Mom : See i came back quick
Aaron :*Mumbles* Yeah too quick.
Mom : What was that?
Aaron : I said that was really quick.

Your finally at Aaron’s house and his mom shows you the guest room where you’ll be sleeping for the next few days and and you get really excited because you can’t believe you’ll spending the next few days with him after so long and the times you had in Summer and you thank her for letting you stay at their home.

Mom: Well I’m going to take a nap before that party ,so help your self if your hungry or ask Aaron.

Aaron asks you what you want to do tonight and made you no suggestions and he comes up to you and kisses you on your forehead and says well I miss you so lets just stay home and watch a movie or two with my favorite girl and you smile and say ”I like the sound of that”

Aaron : Oh I forgot ,I wrote a song for you, its not done but ….

*Drags your hand and carries you outside*
He takes his guitar and starts singing a song about a girl that changed his world,

[The rest of the song later]

You : I love it…

*You slowly peck Aaron on his lips *

You : Umm babe I’m hungry we should make something

You: Lets try baking a cake

Aaron: I suck at cooking babe.

You and Aaron went into the kitchen and started getting the ingredients even though you both had no clue what you were doing. and you started mixing the formula and then Aaron dipped his finger in it and wiped it all over your face and messed up your hair and you scooped up some in your hand and threw it at him but missed and it went on the wall and splattered on the floor, you started running towards to the wall to clean it up and fell on the floor and Aaron started laughing at you and you dragged him onto the floor

and tell him to get rid of the cake on your face and then he started licking the cream off you and bit your lips gently and wiped cake cream from your cheek and put his finger in your mouth.

You and Aaron had a moment where you both stared into each other eyes and realized you’d be completely lost without him and he’d be lost without you.

*Phones rings*

Aaron: Oops lets start cleaning up really quick my mom’s gonna wake up right about now

You: Right! *laughs*

You : Oh yeah lets put the cake in the oven…..

Aaron’s mom is heading out to the party and tells you and Aaron to order some pizza if you get hungry and leave money on the table and you both ran popped some popcorn ,went upstairs,put in a movie ,lay in bed and cuddled

then you and Aaron started making out and started kissing your neck passionately and then….

You: Haha Aaron that tickles

Aaron: ……

You : Wait wait…

Aaron: Whats wrong?

You: You smell…

Aaron: I smell…. huh?

You : *laughs* no you smell burnt

Aaron: Hahaha what are you talking about—-…. Umm …

Aaron: Babe?

You: Yeah?

Aaron: I think the kitchen is on fire!!….

You and Aaron rushed downstairs and Aaron put the fire out and the fire department came.

Fireman: Good thing we came huh? What..What happened haha.

Both: We …we were baking

Fireman: Ha! My 6 year old niece can bake with out starting a fire ….stick to a easy bake oven

Aaron: Yeah man..your right but you know what else…. get out!

*Closes door*

Aaron: My mom is going to have it since we just burned down half her kitchen.

You : *Sits down on the floor* So much for my First Day here. Ugh.

Aaron: At least in a few years this will be really funny ….right babe as a matter of fact lets start laughing now.

You: *Sigh* I love Aaron and I’m sorry this is all my fault.

Aaron: I love you too and its okay its was just an accident.

You: ……..First and last ……..

FreshFantasy Goodnight xoxo

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